Stereotypes in Our School

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Author and Scientific Journalist, Shankar Vedantam, in his article “How a Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” Explains that If people are stereotyped, they can start to embody the stereotypes made about them without realizing it, which could lead to a degradation in their performance, because of the negative self image caused by these stereotypes. He supports this claim by giving a few real world examples of surveys and tests taken on african-americans and people of different races, all of the people who took these tests had one thing in common, they were all victims of intelligence stereotypes. He goes on to explain how these subjects performed worse on the same tests they had taken before, after being reminded of their race by the researchers giving them the test. Vedantam’s purpose in this article is to inform people of the major consequences that stereotyping can have on people’s self image, and how this can lead to their performance taking a turn for the worse, I believe that by writing this article, Vedantam was taking a serious issue in society today, and looking at it from a scientific perspective to attain more clear idea of what is causing it.
For use in the research process for our essays, Mrs. Roberts gave us an article about stereotypes, by Shankar Vedantam, to review and reflect on. This article was essential in…

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