Stereotypes in Schools

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Writer, Shankar Vedantam, in his article, “How A Self-Fulfilling Stereotype Can Drag Down Performance,” argues that reminding people of their race before a test or quiz can be the reason they don't score as high on a test. He supports his claim by first explaining things that Sociologist Min-Hsiung Huang discovered. He then explains how whites have been scoring higher than other races this affects chances of them getting into good colleges or classes. Huang mentions that he thinks the reason for this is because they are reminded of their race before taking the test or in some cases quizzed by the opposite race. Vedantams purpose is to bring attention to this research so that it can be used when creating policy and law. After interviewing and talking to kids at my school about stereotypes, I think his findings are also relevant for students at my school.

My teacher, Mrs. Roberts gave us a project to read an essay on stereotypes then write our own. First, we interviewed two of our peers with questions to ask them about stereotypes they deal with. We interviewed one person in our class and one person out of class. Then we put that data onto a google form and made it into a spreadsheet. Last, we looked at the all the data on the spreadsheet and organised it by gender and ethnicity to see how different people deal with stereotypes at Point Loma High School.

Our class has done some research into…
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