Stereotypes of Afrcan American Males

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Stereotypes of African American males in the media” event. The event opened up with a video clip titled Black Men in America and then we had a chance to have a discussion panel with an African man named Nicholas Peart, who has been stopped and frisked numerous times by the NYPD. The video clip, Black Men in America, explains how mainstream media has a negative image of African Americans males and portrayers them as criminals, drug dealers and rappers. In the video Spike Lee, a film director explains how it’s hard to push the media away from the stereotype images of black men, because the viewers of these shows and movies don’t want see positive actions, they want to see violence. Lee stated his tried to steer away from these images by creating movies; such as, Malcolm X and Do the Right Thing, but as a result these films never made it to the theaters. After the video clip, Nicholas Peart, a black activist opened a discussion on the issue, by telling the audience stories of when his been stopped and frisked. He stated after being stopped so many times he started using Facebook and Twitter to express his feelings and talk about his experiences. Peart explained that being stopped and frisk was never a shock to him because ever since he was young his mother enforced him that he might be stopped by the police one day. His mother told him to always carry his identification on him, be nice to the…
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