Stereotypical Perception Of Gender Media

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Has the stereotypical perception of gender in media changed? In fact media takes advantage of the idyllic image of males and females to misguide society’s perspective of what they should be. How about we explore the idea of misconception between the sexes in Julia T. Wood article, "Gendered Media: The Influence of Media on Views of Gender." She argues the diverse images of males and females portrayed being impractical, cliched, and constricted apprehension. In the movie "Maleficent", is about a young beautiful soft hearted fairy named Maleficent. She lived an adventurous and beautiful life in a enchanted forest kingdom, where a trespassing army threatens to harm the land. Maleficent then steps up to be the protector of the land. Unfortunately she 's betrayed by a old companion that turns her love into hatred and vengeance. She commissions a epic crusade with the king 's heir and puts a curse on his newborn daughter. Only the realize that Aurora is the one to bring reconciliation back to the kingdom. Based on my movie Maleficent I disagree with Wood 's images of sexism, stereotypical and optional roles of the two genders that are represented in media, for its demeaning of males opinion towards women and unrealistic to reality, yet I do agree of the victimization of women from men are depicted in the media. Julia T. Wood’s article “Gendered Media; The Influence of Media on Views of Gender” argues the media’s portrayal of the two gender uses images that are unrealistic,
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