Stereotyping : Can We Prevent Stereotypes?

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Stereotyping is one of the few activities that must be prevented at all costs, due to the fact that it brews rage and hatred amongst the people in our daily society. First things first, Stereotyping is basically a belief of a certain group of people, for example, all African-Americans are excellent in sport activities. Stereotype is similar, but not the same, to prejudice, the feeling of a person based off of their social status , and discrimination, the action of treating others different based off of their social status. Stereotyping is believed to be developed into our brains at a very young age from televisions and books. “During our youth, when our minds are the most malleable, books and television imprint irreversible stereotype onto our brains” from the stereotype article “Can We Prevent Stereotypes?”. The severity of stereotyping is tremendous as it leads to misunderstanding and loathing, the article “Stereotypes Examples” states that “Stereotyping must be avoided at all costs, as it leads to treating groups as a single entity”. Despite the harmful and hazardous effects of stereotyping, it can be prevented. “Can We Prevent Stereotypes?” explains how, it states “Don’t be overly nice to the object of your stereotyping” and “Learn to recognize and avoid generalization”. Although stereotyping is harmless, it is mostly threatening to society, with people spreading rumors amongst each other based off of gender,race, religion, or social class, may divide not only a state,

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