Stereotyping In Songs

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Since the beginning of time song and dance has been used as expression of one’s emotions in relation to the world around them. The song “They don’t really care about us” from the HIStory album by Michael Jackson, released in 1996, is my first choice for my soundtrack of freedom because its protest is in relationship to the current world’s status. The song itself is calling for liberation and fair treatment, however focusing on the prison version of the song; it was banned in the United States due to controversy of stereotyping through songs. I will be addressing the meaning behind the lyrics of the song and the controversy behind the lyrics in which were misunderstood. The biggest controversy is the stereotyping in the song is seen to be Anti-Semitic the controversial fragments of the lyrics will be changed from Jew me to do me. Also the kike me will be changed to strike me. The original words will be masked by the sound effects instead where the new song will be issued on the album. The media seemed to play the side the song was racist, but in fact the…show more content…
The artist’s logic behind the slur words were they were the same as using nigga in a song where it is a double standard on what is socially acceptable. The following year after the trial for police brutality against Rodney Kind in 1992, Michael Jackson, who had not been charged with any crime, was forced to undergo a humiliating 25 minute strip search by the same LAPD. The Santa Barbara District Attorney and police detectives arrived at Jackson’s home in Los Olivos, California with a photographer who documented his private parts on film. He was the victim in the song and it was a way to express his experiences like music is used for. Much like him the self where the prison version was shot a lot of people do not deserve to be in jail. A lot of people are there for a much longer time too. In American prisons, there are more people of color than white
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