Stereotyping Is A Natural Instinct That Humans

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Historically, humans have always been separated into groups based on appearance, whether that is concerning body shape, the clothes we wear, or the color of our skin. Stereotyping is a natural instinct that humans have because they feel the need to classify people in order to not feel threatened by them. Humans feel an obligation to know and understand people but do not necessarily want to be associated with them, thus they place people into specific groups, labeling them. One of the primary ways that we stereotype people is by their race. Being a minority that has always been prejudiced against in America, African Americans are often judged because of the way that they speak. Black students have struggled in academic settings that use Standard English, such as in the common American classroom. African American Vernacular English (AAVE) harms Black students through discrimination on standardized tests and in classroom environments. AAVE is a variation of what is commonly referred to as Standard English, and is predominantly spoken by African American communities across the United States. Unlike many other variations of English, AAVE is not regional so African Americans speak more or less the same way all across the country. These sociolinguistic parallels are because African Americans are “oriented to a sense of ethnic solidarity and nation wide cohesiveness” due to their extensive history of fighting in unity for the same victories (Fought, 2003). The possibility that AAVE
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