Stereotyping Is A Way For The Human Mind

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Stereotyping is derived from the human need to place new things into previously formed categories, based on other life experiences. The idea of stereotyping is a way for the human mind to cope with new things and attempt to understand them. However, as the human species has evolved, a society was created where stereotyping has lead to the generalization of groups of people. The problem being that people must first and foremost be recognized as individuals, instead of being defined as a group. One of the largest forms of stereotyping is based on race and is known as racial stereotyping.

Media has always been used as a way to not only sell a product, but sell a lifestyle. Since the very beginning media has used stereotyping in order to
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This will lead to internal damage within the race being affected, through self doubt – leading to low self esteem, which in-turn results in low expectations, and eventually low motivation. By the end, the negative stereotypes have now become true in some cases, which is then seen by society and the stereotypes continue to be enforced. The dangers of racial stereotyping reside mostly within the race that is stereotyped with outcomes such as low employment rates, low rates of education, and high rates of crime. Now, these stereotypes are not only encouraged by other races, but by the race being stereotyped as well.

What all these different racial categories actually mean, is simply what we, as a society, have decided they should mean. Racial stereotyping, encouraged and promoted by the media, is a dangerous problem focusing on likeness, and ignoring individuality.

Film: Akeelah and the Bee

This movie tells a story about a young african american girl from south Los Angeles, who happens to be an amazing speller and the journey she embarks on in order to make it to the national spelling bee. Keke Palmer stars as eleven year old Akeelah, who is begging to fade into the background where she wont stand out. However, when the principal gives her an ultimatum, serve her punishment in detention, or compete in the school spelling bee, Akeelah has no choice. Soon it becomes clear that she is an extremely gifted
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