Stereotyping Results in Negative Behavior: An Opinion Essay

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Unfortunately, stereotyping occurs far more commonly than people realize. Not all stereotypes are inherently negative; those that are descended from prejudice usually are. However, even positive stereotypes can have a potentially negative effect because they allow people to make assumptions about others instead of taking the time to find out information about others for themselves. In this regard stereotyping is very much a matter of perception, and usually results in erroneous opinions and beliefs, some of which may never get corrected. There is empirical evidence that suggests stereotyping results in negative behavior for the person who has been stereotyped (Kimick, 2010). As a native of the Caribbean islands, I encounter stereotyping with a fair degree of regularity. I have found that different stereotypes produce a variety of results, most of which are indicative of faulty logic. One of the frequent stereotypes that I endure is the fact that when people find out that I am Caribbean, they tend to assume that I have a laid back attitude. On the whole this is one of the more positive stereotypes I go through as a person of Caribbean descent, since people tend to respond to me in a laid back way as well. For the most part, the type of responses that this stereotype about me engenders in others is a desire on their parts to try to appear as "hip" or as "chill" as they automatically assume I am. The worst that this sort of stereotyping can produce is for those who are not
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