Stereotyping and the Logical Fallicies Essay

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Frederick Howard Giovanni Colombo Informal Logic 12/13/2010 Stereotypes and rhetoric 1 Types of People and Stereotypes 1 People are always judged by what they do. It doesn't make a difference if your personality matches others in the same profession or hobby, you are stereotyped by what you do. It's common rhetorical thinking, which, while it can be amusing and sometimes correct, is often incorrect. Computer geeks for example, for a long time were seen as losers. Then the dot com boom hit, the internet took off, and now computer geeks are seen as the saviors of the world instead of losers. Gamers are often seen as losers, although many hold high paying, high prestige positions. There are several groups of stereotypes that…show more content…
Egypt of 5000 years ago utilized tattoos to show an important individual. It was brought over to the West by US Sailors traveling to the Philippians. It's not necessarily a good stereotype, since as it's been stated, the idea of tattooing comes from far more than just troublemakers in any country. It has historical and cultural significance all over the world. Feminists are also seen with many stereotypes. The most common is that a feminist is a man hating, angry, ugly woman who can't get a man. It's very simple to see that they are hit with a lot of stereotypes, and why. Feminism doesn't have many fans, especially among the male population. A lot of common rhetoric is thrown, such as feminists are all the same, feminists are all angry... etc... According to Rockler-Gladen, “People imagine a stereotypical image of an angry, man-hating, unattractive woman with hairy armpits screaming irrationally about imagined insults.” (Stereotypes about Feminism, 2008 p1) Because of this, a lot of women won't identify with feminism, so they end up not being accepted as women who want equality, but instead as not having backbone. These are obviously untrue stereotypes, since nobody of any belief system is exactly the same as another. Senior citizens are also often seen in a bad light. How often do people tell the joke about seeing

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