Stereotyping in Marketing: Good or Bad?

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Stereotyping in Marketing: Good or Bad?

It 's Monday morning at a well-to-do marketing company. You have an 11:00am meeting to interview a potential buyer for an Asian product line. It is now Ten-thirty. Your potential client 's flight arrives into Metro Airport. Prior to their arrival to your office you douse the air with a light sent of orange. The meeting goes as expected, very well. Instead of a hand shake you bow to the group. You and the team leader exchange business cards. You ask for his cell phone number. Before jotting it down you grab a yellow sticky note to write the number on, you know not to write it directly onto the card. How did you know that it is a proven marketing fact that Asians love the scent of orange? Or
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With the increase in online shopping, retailers have stereotyped the women that indeed are "stay-at-home moms" as women that can not afford to take the time out of their busy days to run to the mall or similar places. They have decided to target these women as their prominent customer base by launching ads and tag lines that seem to center around "the mom that stays home and takes care of the family" and emphasizing the convience of online shopping. The online retail site has presented many of its advertisement ventures as being attractive or desirable to women through showcasing their many stereotypically feminine products including jewelry, designer cloths and more via one of their commercials which includes an attractive women dressed in all white, walking through an outdoor mall, window shopping the many deals available at the online outlet store at "lower than wholesale prices". Many of the online stores today are attempting to sell not only their goods, but a sense of convenience and security. With the many credit card scams that have appeared in the media, these advertisers have acknowledged the publics fear and have responded with a multitude of online security software and secure and convenient options to ease the publics worries about online shopping and the security of their identity and purchases. The

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