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Brandon Stewart HCOM 100 Section #34/Rosie Title: The Facts about Anabolic Steroids in our Bodies. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the effects of Anabolic Steroids in peoples bodies. Thesis: Today I would like to enlighten the class on what I’ve learned about Anabolic Steroids and the causes it has on our body. Introduction Attention material: According to Do Something.Org, Science Daily quotes that “A recent study found that 57%of high school steroid users said that they would risk shortening their life for increased performance”. Also according to Science Daily, Oregon Health & Science University states "In 2003, seventh-grade girls were the fastest-growing group of steroid users, with more than seven percent…show more content…
III. The effects of steroids are quite common with every single user; they can differ though from men to women, both good and bad. A. According to Fitness For World, the positive effects steroids have in people is that after “a knee or shoulder injury, steroids are used in small quantities by physicians for treating some types of Anemia…” Another explain on why steroids are helpful is that it fights against AIDS. According to an article titled Effects of Steroids, it states that “It helps a person to gain weight for chronic nutritional deficiencies or AIDS wasting syndrome. B. With the use of Steroids for men, the effects can be quite scary. states “Men who take anabolic steroids may: Develop breasts, Get painful erections, Have their testicles shrink, and have decreased sperm count. C. According to Daniel J. DeNoon, A WebMD Health News writer, he states for woman the effects are “ Growing excessive face and body hair, Have their voices deepen, Experience menstrual irregularities, and have reduced breast size. D. Common side effects for woman and men as stated in the article Health Effects of Steroids “ For both sexes…Kidney stress/damage, High blood pressure, Hair loss, Cardiovascular diseases, Acne, Enlarged heart, and Tendon & ligament injuries.” Conclusion Summary Statement: In short we now know the history behind steroids; the different types admissions of

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