Steroid Use In Sports

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Steroid use in sports When it comes to the topic of steroid use in sports, most of us will readily agree that steroid use in sports is cheating. Where this agreement usually ends, however is on the question of why is the use of steroids in sports cheating. Whereas some are convinced that steroid use in sports is not cheating, others maintain that steroid use in sports is cheating. I agree that steroid use in sports is cheating, because people are gaining an unfair advantage on their opponents. When someone is on steroids their game becomes so much more advanced they now have all these new abilities at their arsenal. Some might say athletes should be able to use steroids when recovering for certain injuries because the rehabilitation time…show more content…
athletes would be more prone to injuries now more then ever. Its one thing to get stem cell therapy for a speedy recovery but its another to use steroids to become stronger and faster then you have ever been. Steroid user might suffer tremendous blows to the head that can cause them to loose themselves and once they get to that point there is no telling what a man on steroids might do. Once this happens athletes that abuse steroids might suffer from a term called roid rage. Michael Dhar a writer for states that, “The term first appeared in the mid-1980s, after a series of high-profile violent crimes committed by bodybuilders. Researchers are split on whether the popular image of roid rage as an uncontrollable, Hulk-esque fury actually exists. Doctors who do believe in the condition see it as a type of impulse control; roid ragers overreact to an event that normally wouldn't set them off.” (Dhar, Does ‘Roid Rage’ Really Exist?, Basically, Michael Dhar is explaining to us how the term roid rage came along and how doctors seen that body builders on steroids would over react to the littlest…show more content…
Bonds was breaking records and doubling his averages over a short period of time. No one thought anything of this until a test came out positive for steroid use. People were shocked and didn’t expect that out of him, but now they knew why he was putting up these career high numbers. Athletes that choose to cheat as Bonds did should have everything taken from them and be suspended indefinitely. If they love the sport as much as they say they do why cheat and have fans no longer cheer for your success. In the article Barry Bonds Steroids Use the author states, “What is perhaps of more concern to fans than Barry Bonds' legal woes is how to regard his all time league record, whether or not any of his accomplishments should stand, because knowingly or not he did this with chemical assistance. That is not a question for the courts but for the officials and fans.” (Barry Bonds Steroids Use, In other words, the author is saying that his reputation and stats is now tainted and believes it is up to the fans and the official to decide if his accomplishments and records should fall or
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