Steroids And Its Effects On Sports

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If one has ever been involved in sports or athletic activities, one may have heard people use terms such as “roiding”, “doping”, and “juicing”. These terms refer to using steroids. With the benefits of steroid use, comes major health issues. As a result of steroid use, there has been an increase of physical irregularities and stunted growth. Steroids have a negative reputation due to past events involving health issues and cheating in sports. Steroids can be taken a few different ways, such as injection or ingestion. There are also countless types of steroids that come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Physical irregularities can mean many things. This could mean having a rare condition like albinism or dwarfism but steroids cause more severe health concerns. Using steroids can cause more severe irregularities such as kidney disease, enlarged heart, and high blood pressure. Kidney disease and damage is directly linked with the over consumption of a steroid supplement known as creatine. As the Mayo Clinic Staff clearly state, “High-dose creatine use may potentially cause damage to your kidneys” (Mayo 2). The Mayo clinic staff is known as one of the best group of medical practitioners in the country. This quote clearly states that a steroid supplement as common as creatine can be harmful to your health given the correct Wolter 2 circumstances. Furthermore, steroids are also known to contribute to the fluctuation of one 's blood pressure. Per Mayo clinic staff, steroids known
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