Steroids And Other Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs have been banned from Major League Baseball since 1991; however, this law was not strictly enforced by the Major League Baseball Players Association (Anabolic Steroids). The MLBPA to date has become much more involved in the issue of PED use in the MLB, and they do test many of the players for traces of steroids. Few players are caught each year, but when a big name pops up, the whole debacle headlines newspapers, constantly talked about on sports networks and becomes a huge deal. That big name player that was caught using steroids is then given an agreed sentence of suspended games, sometimes they are even revoked of their chance to be in the exalted MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. The use of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs should be more heavily managed and more severely punished. For years my coaches have told me that baseball is a metaphor for life. This is true in many ways. There are countless activities and goals one can chase after in life, but all of them are based on the person’s character. It is critical to make wise decisions, and carry out those decisions well. Making the wrong decisions or poorly executing the right ones will eventually change one’s character in a negative manner. Although sports differ from each other in multiple ways, every sport has an end-goal that is fundamental to the sport, and toward all activity in that sport.
I have three main points about players that use PEDs: they…
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