Steroids Are Drugs Containing Hormones Or Similar Substances?

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Steroids or anabolic steroids are drugs containing hormones or similar substances,

which are used to increase strength and grow muscles (Donald & Talmadge 1998). When first developed in Europe in the 30s, they were used to treat under-nourished patients and induce their healing after surgery. It was in the 50s that competitive weightlifters discovered steroids to improve athletic performance. Athletes of other sports took after them, so that gradually, at least one out of15 male high school seniors in the US has used the drugs. Some of them just want to increase strength and size, while others want to grow up faster to catch up with peers. Anabolic steroids can be bought over the counter in some countries, but a doctor’s prescription is required in the United States (Donald & Talmadge). Like other hormones, steroids are synthesized in the cells of an endocrine gland, secreted into the blood stream and then travel to the target organs (Scovell 2004). Their hydrophobic nature makes a muscle cell store more nitrogen, which facilitates muscle growth. They are related to the male sex hormone, androgen. Although it is illegal to keep or distribute these drugs for non-medical purposes, many professional and amateur athletes take them to improve performance. The danger appears to lie specifically in the un-regulated dosage. Athletes take as many as 100 times the prescribed or regulated dose for medical use. This exposes the users to both short-term and long-term health…
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