Steroids Good Or Bad?

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Asmus, James
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November 12, 2015
Steroids Good or Bad?
Have you ever wondered if performance enhancing drugs (P.E.D.s) are actually benefiting sports? Some people say that yes they are, because it helps athletes perform better. Others say no, and think it may eventually ruin the game. Even though professional sports do have rules against using them, that won’t stop the athletes from using them. In my opinion to the topic are performance enhancing drugs benefiting sports? My answer is NO, the side effects can harm an athlete, using them increases the risk of injury, and using them is a form of cheating.
What are Steroids? They are drugs and chemicals that can improve (or are widely believed to improve) a person‘s strength, endurance, or recovery from vigorous exercise. There are several types of steroids, Anabolic, Human Growth Hormone, Erythropoietin and stimulants. “Anabolic (bodybuilding) steroids are perhaps the most famous type of performance-enhancing drugs. Invented by physician John Ziegler in the 1950s, anabolic steroids are a synthetic form of the hormone testosterone. They quickly became popular among football players, bodybuilders, and other athletes seeking greater strength and muscle growth.” "Drugs and Athletes." Now Human Growth Hormone, hormones are naturally produced in a person’s body, but when it is been genetically engineered and then injected into the athlete to build muscle and strengthen their bodies is when it becomes a…

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