Steroids In Society

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It is assumed that men are supposed to be strong minded, hard-headed, independent and numb to criticism. But, people who assume that are wrong. They are wrong because just like women, men also have feelings too. Although, in our society today, men are not supposed to have feelings, and are supposed to be strong at all times no matter what life throws at them. It is almost as if society over decades have trained them to become like stone, unbreakable.

We have beaten down on men so much to look down upon their own bodies. They feel the need to compare themselves to other men and decide if their body is perfect or buff enough. At the gym especially, men like to “show off’ their “gains” as they call it. But, they do it in a way that is supposedly
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It affects muscles in a different way than a normal man who works out faithfully. Steroids give an almost creepy unrealistic look to a man's body, and if one ever sees someone like that, and knows how steroids work, it stands out easier from one person to the next. Steroids like to test mother nature’s body limits. The FFMI (Fat-free mass index) number is a number that indicates a man's degree of muscularity. If a man has a FFMI of sixteen to seventeen, then that is an indication that his muscle mass is very low. Having a nineteen to twenty FFMI is pretty average for the typical male body. But, when a man is noticeably muscular, he will then have a FFMI of twenty-two to twenty three. When a man then gets up to the higher numbers of twenty-five to twenty-six, that will then represent the highest number of muscularity that one can achieve without the use of supplements. If a man is tested and seen with a FFMI of twenty-six or higher, he then is obviously using steroids. In the Adonis Complex, they tested steroid users and they had scored well above twenty-six and hitting the low thirties. Although the only thing that can make a male have a score of twenty-six or higher, is when their body fat is a lot higher than average. Thus, leaving them with the availability to gain more muscle mass, causing their FFMI to increase without the use of…show more content…
But, one can also argue that it is actually their fault because they feed off of the negativity. The reason why steroids are still an active supplement today is because men still feel the need to look a certain way. Also, advertisements make their billions on products because sex sells. If an attractive girl is lusting over a man wearing a certain cologne, of course a guy, unconsciously might think it actually works. Although many people can say aloud that it does not affect them, but it really does. Otherwise it would not be an issue, body dysmorphia would definitely not exist and the businesses would go out of business. So, in the end this will always be an issue for both sexes. But, one way that it can turn positive is if everyone starts promoting positive body images. That also is hard to do because the entire world has to agree, and if they do not, then that already messes up everything. It really comes down to confidence. Confidence is something that is hard to obtain and keep. In one's mind there is someone that will always be bigger and better. Confidence is something that is learned, not given. Even though it is such a shame that men have to feel this way on a daily basis, society is always going to harp down their throats to look a certain
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