Steroids In Sports Analysis

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Issues Analysis Anabolic Steroids in Sport

Anabolic steroids are quiet a big problem in the fitness industry, these drugs are a quick unsafe way to achieve lean muscle mass. They are used in many competitive sports such as football, baseball and Olympic type events it’s of course prohibited and players are tested but it’s not difficult for athletes to avoid detection. One of the most controversial sports that anabolic steroids is involved with is bodybuilding, the reason happens to be because of the drug testing policies which allow athletes to build there muscle with the drug then a couple weeks before the competition the athletes cycle off so that test results show that there clean. I think the reason that athletes are so obliged to take these performance enhancing drugs might be peer pressure from coaches, parents, fellow athletes and even family, for some people it’s the idea of winning that drives them into taking these drugs.
One of the main reasons that this drug is prohibited along with being an effective performance enhancer is its health risks. Athletes abusing this substance suffer from headaches, constant vomiting, increased chance of physical injury, sleeping problems, high cholesterol and many other heart and blood related conditions. Some people think the answer to these conditions is to cycle
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In this example I used anabolic steroids due to rules in some sports indirectly allowing players to abuse the substance making it more competitive forcing more athletes to use these drugs to stand a chance. For some people the drug is considered healthy if used correctly and is not only a performance enhancer but also an entertainment enhancer. But it is all a difference in perspective and opinion whether you’re for or against the rising growth of steroid use in the fitness
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