Essay on Steroids: Not Worth The Risk

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Steroids were first introduced in the 1930, they have a variety of purposes in the muscle building world, cosmetics and even used therapeutically in medicine, they have aroused a great controversy and question in the media, “Do athletes need to use steroids to become the best in a sport?” The consumption of steroids is not recommended for athletes which their use and distribution is prohibited in the U.S. because they lead to negative effects on a person’s health and public image. Anabolic steroids are similar to the effects of the male testosterone, that buildup cellular tissue in muscles, they also have androgenic effects which will create unfavorable feminine or masculine characteristics, such as, growth of hair and vocal cords, but …show more content…
Unfortunately, many athletes have reportedly confessed or have been accused of using steroids in many different fields of sports, though steroids are banned in all professional sports and in the Olympics. Athlete’s purpose to consume them is to reach a certain competitive level or to recover rapidly from an injury. Results show that they are consumed mainly by males and very prominent in high school for those participating in sports. Adolescents feel and have a tremendous pressure to be stronger, faster and make it to a college or professional level, leading them to consider consuming steroids. For athletes to reach their ideal size and weight, all they would need is a healthy diet and a daily, high-intensity workout. There are numerous personal accounts on ex-steroid users who regret taking steroids because they either lost something physically or lost themselves. Athletes can find other nutrients or supplements in exchange for steroids that instead of building muscles, they boost their testosterone. Still many athletes question whether or not taking steroids is worth the risk of loosing their honors, their public and possibly their job. Athletes risk not only their health in consuming steroids but also their careers which can lead to being suspended, disqualified or even dismissed. In
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