Steroids Should Not Be Banned

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In Carroll, Iowa a high school student on the football team was at the Kuemper Catholic basketball game. He and one of the fans for the opposing team got into an argument in the parking lot. He got so angry, that he bashed the fan’s face into the concrete This all happened because the football player was taking steroids. People say steroids are not dangerous but they are very dangerous because steroids can damage the person and their body, are also very addicting, and also ruin your sporting careers. Terms associated with steroids are stacking and cycling. Some users combine several different types of steroids or add other steroids or nonsteroidal supplements in an attempt to make them big which is known as stacking (Arnold). Athletes believe stacking different types of drugs will produce greater strength or muscle size then by using just one drug (Sammy). Cycling is a pattern in which steroids are taken of periods of weeks or month, which is stopped then restarted. (Arnold). Facts about steroids in general are steroids can be dangerous, and in situations, they can be deadly. (Effects). Anabolic mean body building tissue. (Sammy). According to Thankyou: Teenage boys and young men use steroids for muscles and improve body image, teenage girls and young women use steroids for weight loss, young people use this to improve competitive performance, lose weight, and also for their body figure. Performance Enhancing Drugs are used by high schools, colleges and gyms across the

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