Steroids : Steroids And Steroids

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Steroids in Baseball “We have to make some radical move to get the attention of everyone. Cheaters can 't win and steroids has put us in the position that it 's OK to cheat” (“Steroids Quotes”). Unfortunately, baseball has been plagued with the assistance of performance enhancing drugs to lengthen players careers, to boost statistics, and create an extraordinary ballplayer out of an average player. Contrary to the steroid abusers’ beliefs, steroids do not positively influence any aspect of their game. The credibility and dignity of baseball has decreased due to performance enhancing drugs, which is not only cheating, but it also leads into a even more serious social case: drug addiction, affecting personal relationships and spiritual life. Many believe baseball and its statistics as a whole to have lost reliability due to players abilities being padded by their constant use of steroids. Professional baseball players agree that the inspiring careers of very few “look less imposing” due to all these young guys abusing enhancers and creating unbelievable stats. All these guys are in essence putting up big numbers, which is not a true representation of what they can really do. Holistically, they “[spit] on the record book” (Kuenster). Craig Biggio, a hall of fame caliber player, has been left out of hall of fame discussion for many years just because he “played at the wrong time, the steroid era” (Smith). Basically, Biggio was guilty by association. His records and statistics…

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