Steroids in Professional Baseball

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In the year 2005 it was discovered that two out of three people agreed with banning the players who made it to the Hall of Fame but tested positive for steroids. Most if not all people consider this action cheating and frown upon its use. How could this be? In today’s readings of sports articles and papers, fans tend to think that steroids give other players an unfair advantage. This response branches out from the false accusations that the professionals have a kind of special ability or talent which isn’t based on their state of being. What makes steroids different from other enhancing products is that the effects that come with taking them are a little more severe and that the result for muscle and strength production is a lot greater than the other products that are out in the market. This assumption, and the stereotypical muscle head body that comes with it, makes a fan or spectator of the game think about Calvinism, the belief that ingesting any kind of pill or product for any reason at all is bad and looked down on, and leads to the social aspect of the world to call these people aliens or fakes, which happen to be the main points that really keep steroids out of the Majors.
Like every drug and substance in the world, steroids have gone through…

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