Steve Belkin Case: The Entrepreneurial Approach

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Background The Entrepreneurial Approach - Entrepreneurship is from a French word meaning "a person who undertakes innovations and risks in business in an effort to transform ideas into economic goods." In modern business jargon, it has become more of a description of a mind-set, one who will take risks in order to result in gain; one who will use the spirit of innovation and throw off the shackles of "rules" to success in whatever organization that may be (Searching for the Invisible Man, 2006) Evaluate the Opportunity Essentially, Belkin's opportunity surrounding the basic premise of either working for someone else or working for himself. From an entrepreneurial perspective, the preference for Belkin would be to steer his own course. Entrepreneurship is an attitude more than anything else; it is the difference between leading and managing, between quitting if there are barriers and persevering. Entrepreneurship is moving through job creation and integration that allows a forward purpose or progression. Another way of looking at the term perseverance in the workplace is to think of it as empowerment of the ability to strive forward through adversity, and, when the process is no longer easy, continue forward towards success. The opportunity that Steve has will transcend his previous experiences (e.g. asking for part of the company's profits, working long hours to make another person's share grow, etc.), and allow him to actualize more on what he knows he can do. The

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