Steve Job 's Interview Online

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ENCP 6000, Section 0 Career Goal Purohit, Priyabrata
When I see Steve Job’s interview online or in Television, I get very motivated. I got inspired from him and therefore I have a dream to become an entrepreneur in future. During my undergraduate, I did two internships .My first internship was at Siemens Ltd. and I worked with 5 other team members. One of them was the project manager. I used to see him that he manages the whole project by assigning tasks, interacting with the stakeholders, then communicating with all the team members and higher authorities regarding project, taking risks regarding project .So I used to wonder that I wish to be like him and gain knowledge. When I was a
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After graduating from my undergrad in electronics and communication, I decided to choose a career where I can actually manage project and communicate more with people .But I had only technical skills and no managerial skills. Therefore to gain those skills I decided to pursue masters in engineering that after graduating I will become either a project manager or a business analyst. Because by choosing any of these career I will actually communicate more with the people as well as I will take more responsibilities. So to fulfill my short term goal I am taking courses on project management, business analysis and information engineering and some technical course like database management and web design or user experience engineering. So by doing course on project management and business analysis I gain a knack on managing projects and analyzing a business .These courses will help me understand the roles of a project manager or a business analyst. As well as what all skills I will need and by doing a project I will get a real time practical experience. I believe doing a project will definitely help me to learn more real thing rather than gaining just theoretical knowledge by reading the books .So doing this course I will realize that how much good I am on my managing ability .Now by as I want to be a project manager in the software company ,it is very important for me to learn about the tools which are used in software organization .I cannot become a project
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