Steve Jobs : A Strong Leader

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Without a head, the body is useless. Likewise, leaders are necessary for forward progress. Steve Jobs, one of the most modern examples of a strong leader, is well-known for his highly successful company, Apple. Steve Jobs was a believer in achieving what others imagined impossible, and stayed true to his values while pursuing his visions. He did not follow a given set of rules; he rather went with his gut and had strong confidence in himself. Steve Jobs was a unique and extraordinary leader who brought technology in society to new heights. Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco California (“Biography”). He was adopted by a young couple, and worked on electronics with his father in the garage as a young boy, taking apart and reconstructing equipment (“Biography”). Surely this added to his passion and knowledge of improving electronic equipment. Even though he was a very intelligent child, he suffered in school, which seemed boring and unnecessary to him (“Biography”). Not understanding the importance of strict rules and school regulations, Jobs often misbehaved and was consequently suspended from school fairly often; he was even expelled from elementary school (Young and Simon 10). It was not until his fourth grade teacher bribed Jobs to get him to do his work that he realized the importance of school, discipline, and what one needs to do to be successful in life. After this realization, he continually increased his performance in school and

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