Steve Jobs : An American Entrepreneur

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The leaders we are going to talk about are not just ordinary leaders but they have proved themselves as successful and competent leaders and made profits for their companies. The first leader that we are going to talk about is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was an American businessman who was also described as an inventor and marketer who is credited as the cofounder and ex-CEO and ex-Chairman of Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is a technology company that manufactures customer electronics like mobile phones, computers, iPods etc. they are one of the biggest mobile phone and personal computer manufacturers in the world. They are currently ranked number 2 in mobile phone sales and number 3 in computer sales in the world. Steve Jobs was widely described as Apple’s design-oriented innovator who is recognised for his revolution of personal computers and customer electronics (Frederick, 2011). He is also credited for changing various industries whether they are computers, smartphones or movies and music industry. He is credited for the creation of Macintosh the first mass marketed personal computer and the Apple iPhone and iPod which revolutionized the mobile and music industry. He brought Apple Inc. from near bankruptcy to a highly profitable business which is marked as one of the ultimate about-turns in business history. Apple Inc. was pretty directionless in the late 1990s as they almost manufactured everything under different brands which confused the customers pretty much. Also, they started

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