Steve Jobs : An Effective Leader Of The Company

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A young man, who was adopted as a child by middle-class parents, developed an interest for electronics and grew to become one of the most valuable visionaries to ever grace our electronic devices. Many other industry leaders acknowledge him as being one of the most innovative. Steve Jobs was co-founder of Apple Computer, and a successful leader in the world of technology. He was successful in, not only creating cutting-edge products but, building a company where employees were malleable to his charismatic style of leadership.
According to our textbook, Steve Jobs personified Edward Ghiselli’s traits of need for achievement, intelligence, decisiveness, self-confidence, initiative, and getting the job done through others; here applies the trait theory of leadership that proves he was an effective leader of the company that he grew to be a success. Jobs sought out the responsibility to create a product that people can use. He wanted to change the world of computing and he worked hard to develop his ideas. While he was highly intelligent, his decision-making skills were not always good nor did he always use reasoning. “Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion” says Jobs when speaking about the culture shock he experienced when traveling between America and India (Isaacson, 2011, pg.48). He felt that westerners tend to think more rationally than those in villages of India who embody more power of experiential wisdom and intuition.…

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