Steve Jobs And Apple Inc.

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Steve Jobs and Apple Inc.
Steve Jobs who was cofound, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc. and Apple Inc. is a good example of paradoxical thinking. Steve Jobs was a visionary leader. He cofound and grew Apple for 9 years, was ousted and in exile for 15 years and then returned to lead the company on 14-year campaign to glory, cut a contemporary heroic figure. (Decisionwise, n. d.) Steve Jobs and Apple already become the legend and the famous example in the business world.
During his execution period, Apple has become one of the best and most popular companies in the mobile and personal computer industry. Every time when it has launched new product come, there always are lines outside the apple stores around the world and the reputation of Apple Inc. is so good that rarely has bad review from customers. Following is the figure of Apple’s revenue from 2011 to 2015.
Apple revenue from Q4/11 to Q4/14(graphed by the Verge on January 27, 2015)

In the April, 2012 Harvard Business Review, biographer Walter Isaacson summarizes the keys to Job’s success:
• Focus
• Simplify
• Take responsibility end to end
• Bend reality
• Engage face-to-face
• Know both the big picture and the details
• Combine the humanities with sciences
• Stay hungry; stay foolish (Decisionwise, n. d.)
Moreover, Jobs was well known for his lack of emotional intelligence, so he quit his position in 1985 and came back to Apple in 1997. During this period, the sales of Apple decreased rapidly. On the contrast, the sales…
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