Steve Jobs And Jeff Bezos

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Essay Both Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos started from the ground up. As young adults you could both see them working in their parent’s garages. Many label them as successful businessmen who have shaped the computer and technology industry. They had visions in which they turned into reality. Steve Jobs revolutionized many areas. In this book, the author states, “Only a few business icons in history changed a single industry, but Jobs had remade several. He wasn't the creator of the personal computer, but he was the voice and the face of the revolution,” (Blumenthal, 265). He created new computers that were easy to carry around, an Ipod that could hold hundreds of songs, the Ipad, and the Iphone. Jeff Bezos created the largest online store. As said by Fernandez, “Amazon, as you might already know, is…show more content…
From this, it can be decided that Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos are both ruthless technology innovators with products based on the vision of where the world is going. These two men are both very well known for their entrepreneurial boldness. In, ¨The Amazing Amazon,¨ the author explains how Jeff Bezos left his high paying job to start a new business. He says, “It also took courage to leave everything behind. Was it entrepreneurial boldness that drove him? Was it something else?” (Fernandez, 44). Similarly, Steve Jobs was a college dropout. Jobs dropped out after his first semester at Reed College. This was a tough situation that shows how bold he was because he dropped out with no sign of what he wanted to do in his future. But, he says, “While dropping out was frightening at first, Jobs told the Stanford graduates that, in retrospect, “it was one of the best
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