Steve Jobs As A Leader

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What does it take to be a leader? What does it take to lead efficiently? Is it based off someone traits such as loyalty, honor, bravery, or their humbleness? Or even if they lack these qualities can they still be an effective leader? Can they have the right arrangement of significant skills to be considered what we know as a great leader? Throughout this paper we will explore these question by using Steve Jobs as a model. We will also use 3 core concepts from the course material Leadership: A communication perspective by M. Hackman & C. Johnson to see why Steve Jobs is considered a leader based off his characteristics. The 3 core concepts will be coming from Chapter 1 (Leadership and Communication), Chapter 6 (Leadership and Influences) and Chapter 12 (Leader and Leadership Development). Throughout each of these chapters we will pull out theories to support Steve Jobs leadership skills and how he fits the definition of being a leader. Also by using these 3 core concepts we will see how his influences could have lead the opinions of others on whether they agree or disagree on his leadership style.
As we apply the core concepts and theories from each chapter, lets first define a leader. According to a leader is someone who guides or directs a specific group. My personal definition of a leader is someone who shows trust and selfless love because they see the needs of others before their own, someone who sets examples by being a motivator, honest and

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