Steve Jobs Commencement Speech

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Innovator, visionary, leader, these three word’s perfectly depict the late Steve Jobs. Jobs’ like many in attendance in his speech to the class of 2005 of Stanford University came from a middle class family and had dreams of making an impact on the world. After a long, brutal fight with Pancreatic cancer Steve Jobs at the age of 56 passed away, leaving behind a legacy like no other. In a short time he accomplished and experienced much more than what most people of his age. With accomplishments regarding his involvement in Apple and Pixar Jobs’ in the eyes of many lived a life enviable to millions. Even though he was a very wealthy man he lived a simple life and as evidenced in his commencement speech for Stanford University Jobs’ main passion…show more content…
Over 23,000 were in attendance of Stanford’s 114th Commencement. The graduation was held in Stanford University’s Stanford Stadium, home of the Stanford Cardinal football team. The Stanford Stadium, before its $90 million remobilization, held a capacity of 85,500 and had hosted both the Super Bowl and the World Cup. Those in the immediate audience of Jobs’ Commencement speech consisted Stanford’s 2005 graduation class which compromised of young, hardworking men and women who were united, despite differences in race, religion, economic status, and sexual orientation, by one thing: a college education. However, those in attendance did not only consist of the recent graduates of Stanford, but their families, friends, and the University’s staff such as the professors and the University’s dean. All those in attendance were brought together to celebrate the recent graduation of Stanford’s 2005 class and they were all lucky enough to have the opportunity to have witnessed one of the most inspiring speeches of all…show more content…
His speech included stories of his life journey such as dropping out of college, being fired from his own company, and his diagnosis with Pancreatic Cancer. Every word in his speech encouraged individualism, bravery, passion, and love. As evidenced by the response of those in attendance that June 12, 2005 on Stanford Stadium and by those who have seen Jobs’ speech on YouTube the speech was a great success. Throughout the speech Jobs’ was not only able to maintain eye contact with his audience, but keep them entertained as well. Both those who were lucky to have been in attendance and those who have seen it on YouTube agree that his speech to the 2005 graduates of Stanford University is timeless. The words expressed by Jobs’ that day gave those in attendance the courage to embrace their individualism, to be brave, and to live every day as it was their
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