Steve Jobs Impact

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The Iphone is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Teens can’t put them down at all. Well we all know who Steve Jobs the creator of the apple industry. Steve Jobs changed technology he came out with the Ipad and Iphone. He started out with nothing and made apple into everything. Steve Jobs was into technology from a young age and as he got older used his interest to fuel his ideas. His working ability and willingness to go after his dreams no matter the cost is what started the business from the beginning. The point of this essay is to show you how much Steve Jobs changed the way people look at technology. Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. His biological mother is Joanne Schieble and his biological father is John Jandali. Later his parents gave him up for adoption then later got married and had a daughter of the name Mona Simpson. He was…show more content…
Until the iphone 4. The iphone 4 came out four years ago, and as soon as it hit the market is was something major. The iphone has been the most influence handset ever made. The music business starting popping as well. People talked about putting music and phone but it wasn't a possibility until Jobs added it to the iphone. A standard phone before the iphone had a megapixel of two, but the iphone brought a whole new meaning to pictures. Now, the iphone has improved tremendously and everyone loved it.. Yet, nothing much changed until the iphone 7. The iphone 7 has a “photography” looking photo and everyone loves it without a doubt. Now, consumers also believe that the iphone 7 ripped them off. Why? Well it doesn’t have an earphone jack, so all those earphones that come with the iphone in years past, also known as the best headphones ever, you can no longer use. So, Apple literally went from being the best at the beginning to having flaws on the last updated
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