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Outline for Informative Speech
Topic: Steve Jobs
General Purpose: To Inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the life of Steve Jobs
Thesis: Technology would never be the same ever since the arrival of the great Steve Jobs. * Introduction
Attention Getter: In 1984 the first cd play or “Walk-man” was released. The first laptop came out in 1982 and cost a mere $8,150 which comes out to $19,630 today. In 2001 the first smartphone was released. All of these devices since have been outdated and updated. And the company that runs them all is Apple Co. And Apple would not be where it is if not for the mastermind behind it all, Steve Jobs
Significance: Almost everyone, everywhere either own or have owned an IPod, IPhone, or
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Body 2
In 1971 Jobs enrolled at Homestead High School
Not long after that did he was introduced to his future partner in business Steve Wozniak through a friend.
Wozniak was attending University of Michigan when they met.
Wozniak once said in an interview with ABC News “We both loved electronics and the way we used to hook up digital chips," Wozniak said. "Very few people, especially back then had any idea what chips were, how they worked and what they could do. I had designed many computers so I was way ahead of him in electronics and computer design, but we still had common interests. We both had pretty much sort of an independent attitude about things in the world.”
After High School Jobs enrolled at Reed College in Oregon
Lacking focus and direction Jobs dropped out after only 6 months but still continued to go to some Art classes
Jobs then took a game testing job for Atari in 1974
He left after 7 months to go to India to find spiritual enlightenment in India
While he did this he experimented with psychogenic drugs and traveled the world.
In 1976, when Jobs was just 21 he and Wozniak started Apple Computers
They started the company out of Jobs parents garage
They funded Apple by Jobs selling his car and Wozniak selling his scientific calculator * Transition: From

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