Steve Jobs : Nonconformist Of The 21st Century

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Steve Jobs: Nonconformist of the 21st Century When an individual adheres to the standards and regulation that are set by society, they are considered a conformist in its purest form. On the opposite side of the spectrum, those who do not follow these specific guidelines set by society are labeled as nonconformists. In essence, a nonconformist is an individual who goes beyond the principles of others, at the same time, is able to enhance the well-being and creativeness of other individuals. Steve Jobs, mastermind of Apple Inc., is a nonconformist of the 21st century. Jobs’ ultimate goal during his time with Apple was to inspire the creativeness others through the use of Apple’s technology. Before Jobs founded Apple Inc. in 1976, computers were nowhere to be found in homes, instead, computers were mostly found only in labs or in certain work offices. As someone who changed the computer industry and made the personal user experience possible, Jobs proved time and time again to be a nonconformist at heart by forgoing the standards of technology. During the 1970s, technology in the United States was still growing as personal computers were not as popular due to their bulky size. Not only were computers large in their form, they also cost more than what an average working class American could pay for. Due to the steppe price of a computer, they were considered more of a novelty item rather than a necessity for everyday use. Although personal computers were not yet seen in homes,

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