Steve Jobs Role For Shaping The Modern Technology

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Informative Speech
Omar Alhussain
Comm 1101
Glenda Funk
FEB 17th 2016

Topic: Steve Jobs role to shape the modern technology
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: I want my audience to know the role of co-founder and ex - Leader of the Apple Company, Steve Jobs for shaping the modern technology
Thesis Statement: The three aspects of technology in which the Steve Jobs contributed hugely with breathtaking innovation and idea are: Music, Personal Computing and Smart Phone.
I. [Attention getter] How many of you in this class has owned any Apple Company products? Just as I thought there are the majority of people who have at least one Apple product. People like using Apple products for its privacy of information, reliability, ease of use and amazing design. In the past 14 years, Apple has dominated the market in the technology world with consistently designing the innovative and modern technologies & ideas such as IPod, IPad, ITunes, and MacBook. We can credit one man for all this remarkable ideas, Steve Jobs, who founded the company in his parent’s small garage in 1976. Today, I am going to talk about the legendary Steve Jobs which has huge impact on shaping the modern technological world with his outstanding idea and vision.
II. [Topic Justification] Steve Jobs founded Apple Company in 1976 with the motive to change the world of Personal Computing.
A. In 1976, Jobs along with his high school friend,
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