Steve Jobs Sociology

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As society takes steps forward, it always takes a few backward. We try to move past our judgmental and prejudice ways, but they tend to rear their heads repeatedly. It is the discernment that pushes people away from their goals, alters their mindset to the point of giving up. In the case of Steve Jobs and Straight Outta Compton, they both had to go through intense judgment from their peers and the government respectively; they prove that if you do not give up when things get tough you can persevere. In the movie Steve Jobs, the main character, Steve Jobs, goes through the three most important presentations of his life. The hour before the release of the Macintosh, again for the release of the NeXT, and then again for the release of the iMac.…show more content…
From their issues in school, to troubles at home, all the way to the problems as celebrities. Their formation into the group, the fallouts that lead to the leaving of the group. But most importantly the pushback they received from the governments and the police, basically, the threat given to them that they would lose their freedom if they played a song that they created that expressed their feelings towards the oppression they faced on almost a daily basis. The sheer fact that they played it, and stood up for what they believed in shows that even with pressure from people with power over them, they can still succeed and do great things. Also the fact that they fixed their friendships before the death of Easy-E shows that some bonds can never be…show more content…
Steve Jobs, directed by Danny Boyle focused on three major events for Jobs, the events that had underlying conflicts that weren't resolved until the ending of the movie. The resolution came with less of his experiences overlapping it. The movie is completely true on the important events that take place during Steve's life. It is a true biography, while Straight Outta Compton directed by Gary Gray, was a biography drama. Meaning things were dramatized and fictionalized more than acceptable to only be a biography. There are parts of the movie that were completely altered to make the movie more entertaining, or to make people seem more like they had no respect for the law. Like, Dre. Dre's reason for being arrested and bailed out by Easy- E was for punching a guy in the movie while in real life it was for parking tickets. Huge difference in the story and the actual impact of the event on the audience's perception of them. The movie was about their overall teenage years, for so many people it went over as much as possible, cramming as much as they could into their two and a half hour time frame. The differences between the movies can show the way situations actually were for their respected areas and time periods. The differences in the movies allow for different viewpoints of the characters to be seen as well as the different aspects of their lives. The fact that we got an immersive
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