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! 1 Running head: SPEECH ANALYSIS Speech Analysis Marianna Henud Cresci UBIS University ! SPEECH ANALYSIS 2 Abstract: This paper responds to two questions presented by professor Philippe Laurent of Organisational Communication course related to the weekly learning material and analyses Steve Job’s speech at Stanford University. ! SPEECH ANALYSIS 3 1. As a listener, what are the biggest clues you have that a speaker has not taken the time to adapt the presentation so it is appropriate for a particular situation? Think of examples of speeches you have seen that did not take into account the situation (audience, speaker, and occasion). What was the impact of this negligence?
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There are four factors that made his speech effective: A very strong opening, a simple classical structure, the rule of three and rich figures of speech.
 The purpose of the speech was to show the students that they should follow their passions. By sharing with the audience three of his personal stories in a symmetrical structure, Steve is able to successfully persuade the multicultural graduate students at Stanford Commencement 2005.
 ! SPEECH ANALYSIS 5 Strong opening
 Steve jobs opens his presentation by referring to the audience with a compliment:“I am honoured to be with you today for your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world”. Followed by the ironic statement “I never graduated from college. Truth to be told this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a college graduation.” Through both statements, Jobs captured the listener’s attention by showing humility. It made the audience feel extremely accomplished. He also sets a humorous tone for the rest of the speech. He follows the opening by introducing his speech in a structure of three stories.
 He organises his speech in very simple and concise sentences. Like: "The first story is about connecting the dots.” or “It started before I was born”. His presentation is highly organised, having a clear opening, three clear stories and a conclusion. All marked by distinctive transitional points.
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