Steve Jobs : Visionary Leader

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Steve Jobs: Visionary Leader
According to the Oxford Dictionary, leadership is defined as “The action of leading a group of people or an organization”. (Oxford University Press, 2016) Over the decade’s leadership has come to mean much more than its simple definition. There are many books, blog posts and theories discussing leadership along with methods on how to be an effective leader. With so many theories and methods how is one to know what works for them? Is a leadership method something we choose as an individual? Or does it come from within based on who we are and the situations we find ourselves. Let us look at one of the most unconventional and controversial leaders in America and determine if his methodology was pure genius or completely insane.
Steve Jobs – The Early Years
Steve Jobs was always a visionary. Born in San Francisco and raised in what is now Silico Valley, Steve Jobs saw the vision of personal computers before anyone else. He and Steve Wozniak created Apple Computer at a time when computers were huge monstrosities that required large floor space. Steve Jobs saw what others did not and set about to change the world and he did just that. In 1977, Jobs raised enough financial backing, production methods and product awareness to take Apple Computers where no computer had ever been before. Into people’s homes. By 1983 Apple Computers was on Forbes 500 and had hired John Sculley (Former PepsiCo President) to the company’s CEO and teach Steve Jobs how…
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