Steve Jobs Vs Galt

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Steve jobs demonstrated to the world just how fundamental technology is in our developing environment. He exemplified a successful and innovative leader, especially in the face of failure. One could argue that although Steve Jobs was an extremely influential businessman of his time, he had numerous tragic flaws. Egotistic is a word that describes this illustrious worker. Credit for ideas were never given to the instrumental “behind the scenes” intellectuals, and without the them, he may never have been so successful. While he was working for Apple, people would always struggle with the individualistic approach he had and would often times complain about his boastful nature. He exhibited qualities that made his dislikable, however without Steve Jobs the iPhone, a cornerstone of our generation, would not exist.…show more content…
Both men were a key component in developing a successful product. This being said, the way in which they went about it was far from remarkable. These two intellectuals regarded themselves as a “God,” and their personal views trumped all others around them. Galt and Jobs were private and individualistic in their natures. They wanted sole fame and despised those who tried to leech onto their personal accomplishments. Ayn Rand views were very closely aligned with her character Galt, in that government should have very little restrictions on profitable businesses. Both John and Steve share this ideology with
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