Steve Jobs - an Overrated Death - Critique

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Steve Jobs, the Genius Behind Revolutionary Products
An essay on the article “Steve Jobs: An Overrated Death - He Did Not Invent a Thing” by C.J. Thomson, 2011

When Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011, you could see people mourning in front of Apple Stores, putting down flowers or outdated apple devices to show their affection to this death. Steve jobs had a lot of fans, but did they overreact? Is this collective mourning and the piles of flowers, cards, outdated apple gadgets and candles too much of a reaction on the death of a company’s CEO? This essay discusses the question whether Steve Jobs death was completely overrated or if he was the visionary CEO who really changed the world.
Steve Jobs did not invent the Apple computer,
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In this way he contributed a lot to the development process of the Apple products. Through his individual view of the world he kept on striving for new, innovative products and this makes him partly responsible for the development process itself.
Apple products changed the world: not only do they offer ana alternative to the other big computer opperating systen, windows, and therefore establish competition, but more important the way of how the first apple computers were build challenged the competitors to strive for better thechnickal solutions than anybody thaught it was possible. Steve Wozniak changed the way of how computers could be build, the Macintosh changed how people would use computers, the launch of the iTunes Store changed the way of how people would buy music and the iPhone cahnged the way of how the masses would use their mobile phones. All these products were a revolution in the market, because the offered something completely new and Apple was the company to put the „most advanced technology” (Jobs, 2010) in the hands of the consumer as Jobs said during the presentation of the first iPad.
Jobs was a marketing genius. He knew how to build up exitement for the fans and his affection to secrecy made every revelation of a new Apple product a special event. Jobs always was the one to reveal new products and “More than any other personal computer, the Mac comes wrapped in hype,

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