Steve Jobs as a Visionary and Transformational Leader

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Introduction Steve Jobs' unique approach to leadership and visionary approach to creating, producing and selling innovative products, combined with his innate ability to orchestrate increasingly complex companies have earned him many accolades. Fortune Magazine named him the best leader of the Decade and countless other publications, colleges and universities have given him many accolades and honorary degrees. All these external measures of success reflect who Steve Jobs is on a daily basis, and how his unique and highly effective approach to creating entire new products and shaping organizations that center first on a passion for delighting customers and delivering exceptional experiences through unique products (Burrows, Grover, Green, 2006). The goal of this analysis is to evaluate Steve Jobs as a visionary and transformational leader, including a functional analysis of Steve Job's success as a leader and an assessment of his leadership style as well. Unifying these leadership strengths is also an innate sense of how to design products so they deliver the greatest possible customer experience possible (David, 2010). Steve Jobs rallied Apple from nearly going out of business to being the most profitable in the world by using product launch events to underscore how incredibly valuable and unique their new products are (David, 2010). Underscoring this vision of creating consistently excellent products was a strong passion for product quality as well, which drive Jobs to
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