Steve Jobs 's Uses Great Business Strategy Lead The Apple Company

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Introduction: Many years ago people will think apple is a fruit. Nowadays, when people talking about Apple, we will think they are talking about Apple products. Apple Inc. is a famous company in creating new products and launching innovative technology. It leads the word to a new technology on many kinds of electronic products, and creates many kinds of products such as cell phone, portable computer, table computer, media player, and monitor. Apple during many times leadership change, they found their market position finally. Steve Jobs’s uses great business strategy lead the Apple Company to accomplish their innovative products launched. I-phone and I-pod create a remarkable successful, sales related to iPhone and the iPod represented nearly 60% of Apple’s total sales of $43 billion. Meanwhile, the share price had risen more than 15-fold since 2003. Apple is focus on the top customers, their unit price is higher than other companies, but they use their great reputation, special design, innovation, strict control of quality, and the best service. People are willing to pay the price to enjoy their products. However, with the Steve Jobs passed out, Apple’s strategies start to face some challenges and problems. Here I use the SWOT method to analysis of Apple Inc.. SWOT analysis of Apple Inc. Strengths Weaknesses Strong brand name Great reputation Leading market position in the world Creativity, innovative constantly Customers’ loyalty is high Easy to use High price

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