Steve Jobs 's Uses Great Business Strategy Lead The Apple Company

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Many years ago people will think apple is a fruit. Nowadays, when people talking about Apple, we will think they are talking about Apple products. Apple Inc. is a famous company in creating new products and launching innovative technology. It leads the word to a new technology on many kinds of electronic products, and creates many kinds of products such as cell phone, portable computer, table computer, media player, and monitor. Apple during many times leadership change, they found their market position finally. Steve Jobs’s uses great business strategy lead the Apple Company to accomplish their innovative products launched. I-phone and I-pod create a remarkable successful, sales related to iPhone and the iPod represented
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has a strong brand name. When people talking about apple products, we will think it is cool, and fashion. Therefore, when the new product launch, people will become crazy because they want the new Apple product.

Leading market position in the world
Apple Inc. is one of the leading electronic products market position in the world, with the 70% of the MP3 market in the United States in 2010. Also, their personal computer category let 91% of PC priced $1000 and above in the U.S. market was sold by Apple. Apple Inc. not only leads market in the computer industry, but also leads market in the electronic field such as iPod and iPhone. Therefore, the leading position in the world helped Apple to gain their market in the digital and electronic industries.

Creativity, innovative constantly
As we know, apple design their products with creativity and innovative. They use the design thinking to keep innovate, because of their fast innovation pace, Apple can still be the top of the electric company.

Customers’ loyalty is high
I believe people who buy the I-phone and they will continue to buy the next generation products. Because they design for Apple products looks elegant, and quality.
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