Steve Jobs's Commencement Speech

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An effective speech is one which manages to leave the audience with a lesson for life. After thoroughly analyzing Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech at the 2005 Stanford graduation, I would say it was, in fact, highly effective. Jobs managed to summarize his life in three short stories that taught the audience some very valuable lessons. There are various things that separate Steve Jobs’ speech from any other and one of the most important might be his success in life. This can be the factor that makes a speech be as successful as this was. If it had been told by someone else, it wouldn’t have had the same impact.
Jobs’ speech took place in the 2005 graduation of the University of Stanford, in the city with the same name in California. He was assigned the commencement speech for the event. Even though Jobs himself was a college dropout, he had deep respect for institutions and students, and that speech he gave in Stanford was the only one he had agreed to give as, despite being a good public speaker, he never participated in this kind of event. He had an audience of more than twenty thousand people and yet he managed to make it look as if it was just himself in the podium with a microphone talking to peers. There was nothing more than that in his place and he didn’t need anything else.
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It seemed as if he was trying to get the attention and build a relation with his audience. At first this came out as a joke so maybe he was also preparing the ground so his speech didn’t seem so serious. This would work both for him and the audience, for him because it would relief the stress and nervousness that could be seen while he was being presented by the president of the university. In that introduction he also let the audience know what his speech was going to be, simply three short
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