Steve Paul Jobs And The Legend Behind The Apple Company

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Behind the Apple
“Steve Paul Jobs”

Who was Steve Paul Jobs? Was Steve Jobs always the Man, the Myth and the Legend behind the Apple Company? What lead Jobs to his dreams, his beliefs, and his fortune? Steve Jobs his fall from Grace to his reinvention of the Apple Company.

Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 to a young lady by the name of Joanne Schieble. She had Jobs at the age of twenty-three while attending graduate school. Schieble father didn’t agree with her having a child outside of marriage, so she headed to San Francisco to live with a Doctor who took care of unwed mothers and arranged adoptions. Even though Schieble wanted Steve to be adopted by college educated people the family that was going to adopted him changed their minds. Clara and Paul Jobs a couple from San Francisco with barely a high school education adopted Steve Jobs.
Jobs was a curious, awkward child growing up. Some of his teachers thought of him as a troublemaker that always caused havoc. Job’s father noticed that he enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. His father which was a carpenter stress to him how important it is to do things correctly. His father’s craftsmanship and commitment to details made Jobs more obsessed with design and perfection.
Jobs was so intelligent that he was able to skip the fifth grade and transferred to the sixth grade at Crittenden Middle School in Mountain Vice. Job was a loner and often bullied, he gave his

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