Steve Perry Faithfully Song Analysis

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Byron Ambright Music 1014 - Sec 008 26 September 2017 “Faithfully” “Faithfully” is a critically acclaimed rock single that has influenced generation upon generation. Introduced in the 1980’s, it shocked the world with its medley and lyrics and is considered by some to be a masterpiece today. “Faithfully” emotionally moves its listeners through its sense of the passage of time and beautiful lyrics describing the singer’s longing to see his lover. This single starts off with a brief instrumental introduction then lead singer Steve Perry starts singing verse one. Verse one reveals that the singer is lonely and is missing his lover. While he is one the road with his band, he can not spend time with her and can only talk to her through the phone. After the verse the song breaks out into the first chorus. In the chorus the singer sees that his decision to be on the road is the main…show more content…
While they happen intermittently during the song mainly between verses and choruses, they are powerfully used during the verses as well. These give the feel of the passage of time as if it is taking him awhile to realize the the things he is singing. These also keep the pace of the song feel slow and mellow. While a lot of rock songs use silence as a technique in their singles, “Faithfully” uses silence masterfully to really emphasize what the singer is really feeling. This practice draws the listener in with the sudden lack of music. Since there is no music, when the singer and music come back in everyone is listening. The singer uses this to emphasize how he will be with is lover and how devoted he is to her. While the single “Faithfully” has a lot of common rock elements, it is not a normal rock song. It uses a combination of the lyrics and music to convey the emotions and message the singer it talking about, mainly that he is nothing without his lover and will be her’s forever without
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