Steve Rogers 'Captain Americ The First Avenger'

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Captain America The First Avenger. Dir. Joe Johnston. Perf. Chris Evans. Paramount, 2011. DVD.
Captain America: The First Avenger takes place in 1942 during World War II. Steve Rogers is a small, sickly but determined man who has applied for the army multiple times but continues to get rejected because of his stature. When he’s about to give up, a doctor and scientist notices his determination and eagerness and allows him to join the American army. While training it’s obvious that Steve is too small to be a good soldier, but he has the best heart. He’s the one who jumps on a grenade in training to save his team, and he’s very smart. The doctor recruits Steve to be a part of his project, which gives him incredible strength and size. After
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White really makes a point to show that Captain American can really teach us, as individuals and collectively, as societies, important moral lessons. White also moves to the ‘social’ level and to the lessons that Captain America's code of ethics teach us about improving the functioning of ‘our’ culture. White tells us how reading Captain America's adventures teaches us a lesson of virtue and ethics: White also says that the most important lesson we get from Captain America is the need to be sensible in how we use our virtues and make our own choices. This is why judgement and compromise are such important factors when it comes to making decisions, and Captain America shows us that. White also talks about how Captain America defends the ‘universal’ values upon which the American society is based: justice, equality and…show more content…
Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event. New York, NY: Marvel Pub., 2007. Print. “Civil War” by Mark Millar is the foundation of a storyline that follows Marvel’s superheroes through a hard time. After an incident, the United States government decides to pass a superhero registration act which would force superheroes to register themselves and act under government regulation. This causes a rift between the heroes. Those who oppose the superhero registration act are led by Captain America, and those who support the act are led by Iron Man. This book is going to be extremely important in my argument because it helps to show the true character of Captain America. It shows how he stands up for what he believes in, even when it makes him the least popular guy in the room. It also shows that he knows when to back down. When things escalate in the book, Captain America surrenders because he knows that the whole situation has gone too far. That shows that he is smart and uses his judgments when making decisions. It shows that he isn’t too prideful to step down from a challenge, unlike a lot of other superheroes. You can always tell more about a person when the pressure is high, that’s why this book is perfect because it shows that Captain America is still the best superhero when push comes to
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