Steve, The Firm That Controls Money Of People

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Steve is a middle aged man who works at a firm in Chinook, Montana. The firm in Chinook is a financial firm that controls money of people. Steve is single and lives in an apartment building close to the firm. His life is routine and boring, everyday he wakes up at 7:00 a.m, takes a shower, changes his clothes, eats breakfast, and then drives to work. His main job at the firm is to fill out paperwork, trying to bring in new clients, and putting the money in the right places. Recently many people at his job have been being let go because the money keeps on disappearing. Steve’s boss is mean and he hasn’t questioned Steve yet. “So who do you think is gonna be let go next?” John (Steve’s co-worker) asked. “I don’t know,” Steve replied,…show more content…
To Steve, the hawk was a dark blue, gray peak and close to about 1.5 feet. It made a screeching sound, and it smelled like garbage. The hawk felt like it was part of the angry birds. The wind outside of his apartment howled as loud as it possibly could. Steve was in constant paranoia, and it affected his work significantly. He wasn’t able to finish his paperwork and he lost a major client. A monkey could have done better than him that week. He thought he was for sure gonna get fired, so he was surprised when Ted fired 2 other people and he was still at the firm. Although he never got fired that week his paranoia blew through the roof. One day when he was driving home from work he thought he was being followed and when he looked in his rear view mirror there was no one there. Another day while he was trying to go to sleep, he felt like someone was watching him and he stayed up all night. Steve’s social life was being affected too. He couldn’t enjoy a drink with his friends because he couldn’t stop thinking about whether or not he was gonna get fired. Also his health was being affected because he barely got any sleep. Steve knew he had to get rid of the paranoia, but he didn’t know how. He couldn’t stop thinking about how he might lose his job and how his whole life might change. There was only one solution he could think of and it was getting a psychologist. Her name was Tierra, and she was one of the best psychologists in Chinook. When Steve
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