Steve Waugh 's Remarkable Test Cricket Career

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You will be graded according to your presentation, communication and your mathematical content. Question 1 Steve Waugh had a remarkable test cricket career. He scored 32 test centuries and 10 scores in the nineties as follows: 177 152 134 100 157 147 164 90 200 112 131 170 91 160 108 98 116 157 94 112 122 100 199 99 151 150 96 151 92 121 96 103 110 96 105 157 90 103 102 115 100 156 (a) Represent these in a stem and leaf diagram (in groups of 90-100, 100 –110, etc.). (b) What is the mode(s) of this data? 96, 100, 157 (3 times each) (c) Enter these results into your graphics calculator and determine the 5 figure summary for Steve’s 42 best test scores and the mean. 5 Figure Summary Minimum 90 Q1 100 Median 113.5…show more content…
Try to construct this histogram so it is roughly the same width and height as the histogram for the Indigenous population. You will need to rescale the y-axis. b) Which age group contains the most number of non-Indigenous people? 65 years and older contained the most non-Indigenous people, with 2,828,185 people. c) Describe the shape of the histogram. Is it symmetrical or skewed? The histogram is a plateau and is close to symmetrical; it is flat, with a distinct right tail, which can be ruled as an outlier. This means the population across all ages is relatively similar, with the exception of the 65+ age group. This is likely due to the fact that there are more possible ages within the 65+ age group than the other age groups. Comparisons a) Explain the main differences in the shapes of the two histograms. In the Indigenous histogram, there is a distinct decrease in population as age increases, thus there is a right skew, whereas the non-Indigenous histogram shows no correlation between age and population, except for the 65+ age group, thus the histogram is flat with a right tail. b) What do the histograms tell you about the age of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia in 2011? The Indigenous histogram shows that there is a significant reduction in population as age increases, thus there is a negative correlation. The non-Indigenous histogram suggests that age has very little influence on

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