Steve Wozniak And Steve Jobs

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Apple Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created Apple with very little money and a whole lot of determination. The two men had met while working at Hewlett Packard over the summer break when Jobs was in high school, Wozniak in college. In order to gain capital to get the company started, Jobs sold his van for $1500, and Wozniak sold his financial calculator for $250. Jobs who was part owner of a farm came up with the name. Apple Computers were incorporated in 1977. By 1980, the company was a publicly traded magnet. This was the biggest public offering in over 20 years. In 1985, Jobs was forced out of the company that he had helped to create by Apple’s Board of Directors, who were tired of his erratic behavior which had made him the man…show more content…
Macintosh computer or “Mac” followed the Apple computer. Once he returned to the company “Jobs got a $150 million investment from archrival Microsoft as well as a commitment from Bill Gates that Microsoft would continue to produce Office for the Mac. This agreement was critical to maintain the Macintosh business, then the only real source of revenue for Apple (Cusumano, 2011).” The iMac allowed customers to “plug and play” with Windows machines. Windows was created by Microsoft. “Plug and Play is an open, extensible architectural framework that is designed to free users from having to configure their hardware resources manually (Gussin, 1995).” Desktop and portable computers, software, hardware, peripherals, iPod digital music, iPhone mobile devices and accessories and services can be purchased online through Apple iTunes store or at any Apple store location (Mallin & Finkle, 2011).
Two key factors in the organization’s external environment that can affect its success is Apple’s legal troubles and its competitors. One of Apple’s more recent and well publicized legal battles was with the release of a month long investigation conducted by the Fair Labor Association (FLA) in March 2012. The FLA was commissioned by Apple to investigate allegations of three Chinese factories. A number of serious violations were found but of particular interest was finding out that Foxconn had
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